Get your music online for free!

Why pay agencies and managers to promote your music when you can do it yourself. You can market yourself. Build networks with other bands/musicians and always stay active on social media.

How to promote your music for free internationally?

  1. Create an YouTube Account
    Go to – – Click create Account, make videos upload.
  2. Open a ReverbNation account –
  3. Open a Sound Cloud Account –
  4. Open a Facebook Page for your Band –
  5. Open a Band Camp account –
  6. Open a Twitter account for your band –
  7. This one you need to pay for and if probably the most important part

    Get a logo done
    Get a band domain registered – like
    Build a website or get a website built ( Start small)
    Get a professional email address
    Write a professional BIO/ About us for your band.
    We us 

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